An original, story-like description of the tarot. Reflecting the Archetypes,

Elements and Astrological origins of the cards.

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Tree of Life













by Al Armstrong

In the beginning there was Vision:  archetypes that form a timeless, self-teaching oracle, in a universal, living language.  An elusive emblematic book of knowledge and wisdom developed through the ages in visions and stories, used by Prophets for both good and evil.  Stories sometimes told in pictures, pictures of reality currently reflected in the arcana of any and every tarot deck.

Tarot came to light in the 14th century, a game of chance where after been shuffled and dealt,  the player predicts the outcome of the cards, or the cards predict the outcome of the player!  Down through the centuries the game developed into a tool for parting  fools and their money, either as punter’s betting their fortune on the turn of a card,  or a querent’s  gambling on the knowledge and integrity of a fortune-teller.  Hustlers who sit with a poker-face and talk out their ass...

All to often people see what they anticipate instead of what is actually there "Visionaries who can't see the wood for the trees",   the past dictates the future but is created in the present as the wheel of life forever rolls on.  The major arcana of the tarot deck are often likened to a fool’s journey and the characters he will meet along the way,  but more importantly it is a journey of self-discovery, not just the characters we meet, but also the characteristics of yourself.  The magick is not in the cards, it is in you. 

Divination (communicating with the Divine) and prophecy comes from knowledge, accurate and honest assessment of a situation and the events that brought it about, the clarification of the quest which will illuminate the way ahead.  The Divine (child within, Holy All-One)  neither man nor woman but male and female,  the Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of creation not reproduction!  Eternal life is what we create in our own lifetime,  our blossom fades but our spirit lives on.  Visualize the future and let the Taroist wizard paint an oral picture of the tree of knowledge of good and evil: the archetypes of the hermetic and esoteric arcana,  THE LIVING TAROT THAT EXISTS WITHIN US ALL! TA002-web