An original, story-like description of the tarot. Reflecting the Archetypes,

Elements and Astrological origins of the cards.

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Tree of Life












Intro. to the TREE of LIFE

by Al Armstrong.

The Tree of  Life and Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, a.k.a. the major arcana, the kabbalah (qabalah), the spiritual or astrological journey of life. That reflects a fall from grace and the endless quest to return home, the cycle of life and death, and life again, for some! The law of nature. The rule of construction that everything that works, must follow. The path we all must walk someday  your own! In essence the very meaning of Life itself.

  • In the beginning, from a vacuum we came, the FOOL at the start of creation, a vision that no one could see, yet came out of nowhere and started this amazing journey.

  • The four elements (air-earth-water-fire) the minor arcana, are drawn together and form the foundation of creation, the MAGICIAN, PRIESTESS, EMPRESS and EMPEROR, the ground on which we stand, or fall!

  • To rise from the material to the spiritual world. We must pass across the veil of the abyss, where like love and justice, the blind lead the blind! Guided and misguided by PROPHETS and LOVERS, we navigate are CHARIOT through a haze of deceit, to strike a balance, and find JUSTICE.

  • Born again, from the darkness to the light. To the pretender, the hermit/old-woman lost in the wilderness. To the original, the KARLLAN (Cailleach) seed of the taroist and bride of creation, true clarity of vision.

  • Accepting realty, actions and reactions, FORTUNE and misfortune. We create our own luck, both good and bad. Fate deals the cards, but we play are own hand!

  • The onward journey, vice or virtue, the courage of conviction and self-sacrifice. The seven headed LION, HANGED-MAN, GRIM-RIPER and REDEMPTION, the art of temperance.

  • If you go of course, down your own blind alley. Follow the three eyed GOAT into the TOWER of destruction, " backtrack and start again, or this will be your journeys end".

  • The last crusade, a flickering light at the end of the tunnel to guide us through the valley of the shadows, from night into day and onto the finial leap of faith. The STAR, MOON, SUN and the last JUDGMENT.

  • Congratulations! You have achieved the world and conquered the UNIVERSE. Free to start again, go and meet your maker, or return back from whence you came (wherever that might be)! TA002-web