An original, story-like description of the tarot. Reflecting the Archetypes,

Elements and Astrological origins of the cards.

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Intro. to the KARLLAN 

 by Al Armstrong  

A fusion of the Cailleach, Hermit & Virgo.

Originating in Celtic & Druid oral traditions, an emblematic half man, half woman, which may well have represented the Sun/Moon, God/Goddess, sexual equality, marriage, harmony, or... Who knows?  Unfortunately, the Druids didn't keep any notes, so all are information comes from second hand or external accounts. Nevertheless this mythical She/Male was probably the original or the inspiration for the Cailleach, which originally meant  "the veiled one" -the one beyond, wearing the veil (veil of the abyss), mystery not yet revealed, a veil is often used to symbolize, spirituality/virginity/transition.  In old comprehensive Gaelic dictionary’s is also described as; a Hag (the Celtic/Druid Wizard, the teacher of Wisdom) or a Witch (a practitioner of magick or witchcraft) and also described as a "Spiritless fellow", "Heartless man", "Emasculation", "Effeminacy", "Like a woman", etc. However defined only as an old woman "seanbhean/sean bean", in some modern English/Gaelic dictionaries, there is no evidence that this was a natural/biological Woman at all! 

Believed by some to be a "Goddess" in Scottish/Irish, folklore & fairytale traditions, the Cailleach is associated with the change of seasons and usually appears as a frail old Hag or Hermit,  but with supernatural strength and the power to change appearance, typically  into a beautiful young Maiden (but varies  in various versions) and perhaps the inspiration behind Cinderella, a story of three sisters, two old hags and a beautiful young Maiden who runs of with a (female) Prince.  Drag Queen (Drag, in all probability derived from Hag) meaning; She/Male or Old Witch.  Transformation is a key characteristic of all the stories, myths and legends.  "Cailleach na Deannach" (Hag of the mill dust) a story-telling dance where the title character (boy or girl) is dressed/disguised as an Old Woman. In one version the dancers kill the Cailleach but then regret what they have done, the Cailleach amazingly comes back to life and all is forgiven! In another, one of the dancers is killed and brought back to life by the Cailleach. A representational and educational story reflecting  Life, Fate, Lust, sacrifice, Death & Redemption. A spiritual presence greater than are own, the triumph of good over evil and mind over matter. In essence the Cailleach was a symbolic living Archetype that told a story.   

Originating in  esoteric & religious symbolism, a solitary archetypical individual, that rolled forth from the Void and became Itself, the original,  depicted as a young woman in the zodiac and an old man in the tarot, yet is one and the same. Commonly known as the Hermit; astrologically linked with Virgo the virgin, the veiled one. Alone in the wildness, beyond the haze of deceit, the veil will be lifted and the clairvoyant (clarity of vision) will see  the way, the truth & the light. Everything that exists externally, also exists internally, everything out there, is reflected within.  According to Hebrew mythology life began in the Garden of Eden. Genesis1, v27. "So God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."  Paradoxically God must be male & female, the All-one!  To be at-one with God, is to be at-one with yourself and bring about the harmony of body and soul- "the physically should not restrict the spiritual, but complement it! " In the marriage of opposites we all become the Bride of Creation: The union between male and female to create spiritual Life and the union of  male in female to create physically Life- 'As above, So below'   

  • KARLlan:- Karl (Old Norse) Carl (Germanic) = Man

  • kArlLAN:- Alan/Allan (Celtic) = Harmony 

  • KARLLAN:- Man (mankind) in Harmony  

The spirit of the Cailleach lives on in the TAROIST  audio Wizard a self-development tool, a fusion of oral tradition & esoteric symbolism, where  we visualize the 78 archetypical character's (characteristics of yourself) of the Arcana as a family portrait. Tarot is like a 78 piece jigsaw puzzle - INDIVIDUALLY,  EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY;  COLLECTIVELY,  THEY REVEAL THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES!  Not just teach yourself tarot, Tarot to teach Yourself! TA002-web